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 Ordering and Shipping Information

  • At present we are selling and shipping birds IN CANADA ONLY.  In the future we may consider large orders from the USA with non CITES listed birds only. Click Here if you are from the USA and would like to purchase birds.
  • We do not sell Eggs, Chicks, Feathers or dead birds. All Requests for any of these will be ignored!
  • Birds are shipped from Winnipeg, Manitoba using Air Canada or West Jet.  All shipping costs must be prepaid prior to shipping.
  • We currently are building our own high quality shipping crates.  These crates will cost $20 each on all orders under $750.  All orders above $750 they will be supplied for free. One Wooden crate fits one pair Pheasants, or 2-4 pairs of Ducks.
  • We normally ship in the months of September, October and March , April.  We find these months excellent for shipping birds, being not to hot or cold.
  • If the birds you are interested are not available, we can place you on a waiting list. When you Email us at,   , please include your name, phone number, email address and species you wish to purchase. We normally will get back to you within a week. If you have not received    a response by this time, please check all your email folders.  The first emails may enter your spam folder.
  • Orders will filled in the order that they are taken. Once we have determined if we have raised enough birds to fill your order request we will contact you. This could be anytime between June and September. At this time we will request payment of your order and shipping costs.  After this request we will continue to hold your order for seven more days.

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